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If you've suffered a personal injury in Chicago, there's decisions to make.   Your insurance company, the adverse insurance adjuster, doctor's offices, auto body shops and others all have questions, and you're in pain.  You need an experienced advocate on your side. For Personal Injury Law, call the Law Office of Steven A. Sigmond in Chicago. 

Workers Comp

After you've been injured on the job, you need to know your rights and obligations under the Workers Compensation Act.   To get the workers comp benefits that you deserve, you need an attorney experienced in workers compensation cases.  You have the right to see a doctor of your choice and to receive 2/3 of your average weekly wage while off-work on doctor's orders.  Later, you may bee entitled to a significant workers comp settlement.   With the Law Office of Steven A. Sigmond, you can get the help you need to get the benefits you desrve.


With over 30 years of courtroom experience, Steven A. Sigmond knows litigation.  His experience includes litigation, trials and appeals in State and Federal Court, as well as the Illinois Worker Commission.  We do not work for insurance companies, but we are available to uninsured individuals or companies that need to defend or prosecute a civil lawsuit for reasonable hourly rates.  

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