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With 30 years experience representing people with injuries, I know what people expect, and I know how to get the job    My clients know that when they have an issue with medical treatment, the job, dealing with the insurance company, or anything else, I will be involved.  My clients know that they'll hear from me personally.  If a client needs to attend a deposition, arbitration or trial, , I'll be the one in there fighting for them.  I will be your personal attorney for personal injury.

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Questions about personal injury cases

If you've been injured due to negligence, we can help. Steven A. Sigmond, a Chicago personal injury lawyer with over 30 years experience, will answer you questions and evaluate your personal injury case.

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Auto Accident Attorney Steven A. Sigmond can help.

If you've been injured in an auto accident, the Law Office of Steven A. Sigmond can help right away.  The decisions you make  early on will affect the car accident settlement you may get later on.  You need the best auto accident attorney to make the right decisions.   With 30 years experience in car accident litigations, personal injury attorney Steven A. Sigmond knows auto accident liability, accident case law and the value of accident injury settlements.  There are many good accident lawyers out there, but for filing a personal injury claim and settling a car accident claim, you can't do better than Chicago personal injury attorney Steven A. Sigmond.  For a free consultation about  an auto accident, Contact Us Now.

Auto Crash: Call Attorney Sigmond
Auto Crash: Call Attorney Sigmond


Bicycle injuries in Chicago

The City of Chicago has added many dedicated bicycle lanes to help encourage bicycle riding.  City and State laws to protect bicycle riders are also in effect.  Nevertheless, bicycle accidents are common - often because drivers do not always yield the right of way to bicycle riders when the law requires.  If you are looking for a bicycle injury lawyer, the Law Office of Steven A. Sigmond is your answer.  To maximize the value of your personal accident claim from a bicycle accident, call the Law Office of Steven A. Sigmond for a free consultation.



Ther Wrongful Death lawsuits are serious business.   If your family has suffered a tragic loss, you'll have lots of questions:  Does the wrongful death statute limit wrongful death awards?  How are the proper wrongful death beneficiaries determined?  To begin to get answers, start with the right wrongful death attorney.

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